Off to Antartica

The hassles of travel rarely vex me. But the grim realization is that camera and computer gear are heavier than I recalled. Weight limIts

Why we pack backups: disintegrated boots.

Why we pack backups: disintegrated boots.

iare strict on our flights, leading to a last-minute airport flurry that required grabbing aump of clothes o image of my suitcase and stuffing them in a bag to carry on as a result of an inaccurate home scale.


Had we known the flight would be delayed we might have acted differently. The flight WAS delayed, by e act 12 hours (can we say somebody failed to staff according to FFA exhaustion standards) — an AA gaffe costing us a day in Buenos Aires and cab fare. We went home to sleep and would happily have re packed for less weight except AA  had or bags. Guess i be wearing all jeans and coats on the plane south to make luggage weight limit.

Traveling or at home, stuff happens. We’re on the plane, and happy to be headed to The White Continent.